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Vista Sidebar eBay Gadget

vista gadget docked
The docked widows vista sidebar gadget will give you a quick summary of everything that you are watching, selling or bidding on. They are in order from items ending first to items ending last. Items that have already ended will have their title crossed out and appear at the end of the list.

Clicking on any of the items once will bring you to the item's eBay page where you will see further details about the item and have the option to bid.

My eBay

The Windows Vista eBay Gadget gives you quick and easy access to items on your "My eBay" page. Just maintain your "My eBay" page at and the gadget will update automatically.

The undocked windows vista sidebar gadget will give you more details but will take up more desktop space then the docked version of the gadget. To access the undocked version click anywhere on the grey navigation area and drag the widget off of your sidebar.

Vista gadget undocked

To use this Gadget you must log into your eBay account through a special eBay login page that eBay has made especially for

How To Login

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