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What is NetVibes? Never heard of it.

It is a personalized homepage creation site. It can be found here:

screenshot 1

As you may have noticed the middle window in green is showing the items I am watching on My eBay.

One of the things that I really like Netvibes, and what sets it apart from the Google and Yahoo RSS feed readers is the fact that when one of the links in the rss feed is clicked, it will bring up an in browser news reader. The news reader seems to behave a lot like one of the stand alone news readers, however this does not require a download.

screenshot 2
Inbrowser Web News Reader

Hey! I want to do it too!

Don't worry I'll show you how it's done. Notice that there is an "Add Content" link in the top left hand corner (The red arrow on the left is pointing to it), click that and you should see a screen that looks something like this:

screenshot 3

It will now ask you to "Enter an RSS/ATOM feed link :"

Now go into the (Click to open a new browser window) login and choose the feed that you want. Right click on the feed link and click copy shortcut (IE) or Copy Link Location (Firefox) for the PC. For the Mac, Ctrl-Click on the feed link and click Copy Link (Safari) or Copy Link Location (Firefox).

Paste this link into the "Enter an RSS/ATOM feed link" field. Push Add it will then verify and add it to your homepage.

You can now drag and drop the window anywhere. Clicking on the edit link will allow the feed to show up to 15 items. You can now make your homepage, you can see the weather, news and your eBay items in 1 quick glance everytime you open your browser!

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