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My eBay ICS files

What is a ICS?

iCalendar aka .ics files are commonly used today as a way to send and share calendar and events. Google has some default calendars in their calendar program that shows you holidays. This is similar to what subscribing to an .ics file can do.

If you want a more indepth definition of iCalendar files it can be found here at Wikipedia

Item ics files

These ics files will allow your calendar program such as iCal for the mac or outlook for windows to show you when your auctions are ending in a calendar format. There are 3 different calendars that you can find on this site. A watching, buying or selling calendar. Each calendar will correspond to the items found in you "My eBay" page.

Here is a sample of how the ics file can show your "My eBay" auctions in Apple OSX iCal:

iCal Screenshot
Here is a sample of how the ics file can show your "My eBay" auctions in Google Calendar:

Google Calendar Screenshot

How do I use the ICS file?

The easiest way to use it is to have a calendar program like Outlook or iCal installed and clicking on the ICS link found in the buying tools and selling tools section of the member area.

To use it with Google you will need to click on the "add" link found in the "Other calendars" box and then clicking "Add by URL" and pasting the URL found in the member area.

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